Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Shortly after my last post, I left the country for a three week trip to Japan and Germany. I returned home the day before I started my new position as an Arkansas Gardencorps service member with the North Little Rock Community Farm. I had hoped to get around to updating this blog before now, but it's been quite a busy four months for me. I do have some exciting news though!

Check out my chicken coop! ;)
At the beginning of November, Wayne and I moved into a house with a sizable backyard, perfectly suitable for chickens! :) I'm very pleased to say I used recycled pallet wood to build my chicken house. Currently, I have three (3) Bantam crosses (mutts) which will lay very small eggs, but are super sweet and loving birds. Wayne loves them just as much as me. ;)

This is the runt of the clutch, Chloe

 Other exciting news concerning the house is that my landlords are absolutely amazing. They own the plot behind our fenced in backyard and are willing to clear it and let me farm it so I can donate the produce to the school district's backpack program! So very pleased that the work I want my non-profit to focus on will begin in the coming Spring!

This is my Rooster Jack. :)

Speaking of non-profits, I adore volunteering for Gardencorps. I get to be active on a daily basis and work outside (which is only unpleasant when it's freezing cold...any one else concerned with the unseasonable weather in November?). I work with high school students to make sure the Farm is kept in good running order. What I love about the Farm is that a majority of the food we produce is donated to the homeless and hungry students in the district. What an amazing use of space and resources! AND the whole concept was thought up by high school students!

2014-2015 Gardencorps Members at the National Day of Service Recognition Ceremony.
Other produce is sold to help care for the plethora of animals we are housing for educational purposes. Still more is used to introduce the students (middle and high school) to different vegetables, some of which they've never seen before. I understood the huge impact that the Farm can have on these students when one of my 9th grade volunteers was turning compost. She uncovered a decomposing eggplant and picked it up. She inquired, "Is this an eggplant, like the emoji?" I confirmed that it was and she told me that she had never seen a real eggplant before. I let her take one home and she was so excited about it that she wanted to plant her own. It is so disappointing that some people never get to know what certain vegetables look/feel/taste like.
Gorgeous radishes grown on the farm.

We've donated almost 500 lbs of produce from the NLR Community Farm since September!
We have a lot of changes coming in the Spring at the Farm, starting with our first ever Farm Planning Meeting on Jan. 5th. Though I know this meeting is for North Little Rock community members and farm folks, I think it bodes well for surrounding areas like Conway and would be a cool event to attend if you have time. :) We especially appreciate anyone joining who has expertise in the Farm Management or Business Management areas.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! I look forward to keeping this blog up-to-date next year!

Did I mention we have bees?! I'm excited to learn more about them in the Spring!

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